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Welcome to the Library
This year in the library we will be doing a lot of reading. Each week the students will check out books. They can check two books out at a time. We will also be doing library lessons. 

Will be checking out books and reading different books as a class. This year they will learn different library skills. We will be working on how to find books in the library, how to put books away, how to care for books, different library games and read lots of books. 

First, Second,Third, Fourth, Fifth

Will be checking books out and reading.They will be learning different library skills. They will be learning how to put books on the shelves using the Dewey Decimal system, what is fiction and nonfiction, dictionary skills, library games, and lots of reading.

Computer Lab

Kindergarten-  Lexia, IXL

First grade-Lexia, IXL

2nd grade- Lexia, IXL

3rd grade- Lexia, IXL

4th grade- Lexia, IXL

5th grade- Lexia, IXL

Exciting News

Lots of new and exciting books have arrived in the library. Don't miss out on all the great books!

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