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Classroom Information
Math Facts
I cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to know the basic math facts. They need to be able to answer these fluently, without hesitation. We practice these all the time in the classroom. Please continue to practice these at home with your child, as well!
Reading/English Language Arts

Here is what we will be working on in Unit 3 

Week of: March 5th 
Story: Cinderella 
Comprehension: Theme
Phonics: Adding Endings & Vowel Digraph ea
Sight Words:  colors, draw, drew, great, over, show, sign 
Conventions: Adjectives for Colors and Shapes 


Week of: March 12th 
Story: A Trip to Washington DC
Comprehension: Facts and Details 
Phonics: Three-Letter Consonant Blends & Vowel Digraphs oa, ow
Sight Words: found, mouth, once, took, wild 
Conventions: Adjectives for Size 

 March 19 - 23rd --- Spring Break 

Week of: March 26th 
Story: A Southern Ranch 
Comprehension: Facts and Details 
Phonics: Consonant Patterns kn, wr & Vowel Digraphs ie, igh  
Sight Words: above, eight, laugh, moon, touch 
Conventions: Adjectives for What Kind


Week of: April 2nd 
Story: Peter's Chair
Comprehension: Theme 
Phonics: Vowel Digraphs ue, ew, ui & Compound Words 
Sight Words: picture, remember, room, stood, thought
Conventions: Adjectives for How Many and Articles 


Week of: April 9th 
Story: Henry and Mudge 
Comprehension: Cause and Effect 
Phonics: Vowel Sound in Moon: oo & Suffixes -ly, -ful 
Sight Words: across, becasue,dance, only, opened, shoes, told 
Conventions: Adjectives that Compare 


Week of: 
Sight Words: 



Unit 4 Spelling Words

*Please see attachment for weekly spelling lists

*Also, spelling words are written in agenda books each week




Unit 5: Tens and Ones

Lesson 22: Compare Numbers 

Modeled Instruction
Guided Instruction
Guided Practice
Independent Practice

Monday: P.E/Computer Lab
Tuesday: Library
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Library
Friday: Art/Computer Lab

Scholastic Book Orders

You may send a check, made out to "Scholastic," or you may order online. Our class code for online is L8PPB. If you order online, our class gets more bonus points that go towards our books for the classroom. 

Thank you!!

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