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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!
Thank you for stopping by our classroom website.  

You will find up to date information on Cortland Elementary and Cortland Kindergarten right here!

 Visit often to keep up with "What's Hoppin'"!
Special Announcement
This Week Was "HOPPIN"

Special Announcement
Welcome to the first week of school!
Important things to remember as we get started:

Send a snack to school everyday.
Expect your child to be very tired at the end of the day.
Establish early bed time routines.Talk to your child about what they did at school each evening.  Ask questions that are not easily answered with a yes or no.  Examples:
Tell me about the "tools" you used today.  Why did you use them?
Tell me about your new friends.
Read to your child.

Please send a note or call the office if there are any changes in transportation.

Any medication that needs to be taken at school must be delivered to the office with a written note for permission to administer at school.  This includes cough drops.

Send a healthy snack to school everyday.  It is fine to send several at once.
Scholastic order forms will be coming home soon.

The next order will be due: September 2

Make it easy:  Order online

Go to http://orders.scholastic.com/j2b9h

My classroom code is: J2B9H

We also have a subscription of Scholastic News online.
Go to:  www.scholastic.com/lfo  
Our classroom password is:  47274
Mark your calendars...

Special Classes
Monday:  Gym
Tuesday: Library
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Library
Friday: Art

Contact Me!

Created: Sep 17, 2012
Updated: Aug 9, 2016
Viewed 1885 times

Contact Me!

Created: Sep 17, 2012
Updated: Aug 9, 2016
Viewed 1885 times