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  • DARE Swim Party

    Postponed due to weather

    Shields Park

    Watch for updates

  • Have a safe and fun summer!!

    First student day 2017 - 2018

    August 9th, 2017

Directions when State Rd 258 Closed due to flooding

Directions when State Rd 258 is closed for flooding

Memory Garden Order form and letter

Memory Garden Order Forms

f you would like to purchase a brick for the Cortland Memory Garden please click on the link above.

5th Grade DARE Role Models


Wings To Soar!

Mission Statement

The mission of Cortland Elementary is to provide effective instruction between school, family, and community. This environment provides opportunities for the "whole child" to develop physically, socially, and emotionally.

  • We believe that all children should experience success. Children deserve to be respected by their peers and their teachers. They deserve to feel loved, to belong, to be safe, and to be valued for their uniqueness. We believe that all children should receive appropriate scaffolding and support academically, socially, and emotionally. We believe that all children deserve a quality education while providing for differences in learning. The faculty and staff believe that through high expectations, goal setting, and support from all stakeholders, children will experience success.
  • Family and community members take an active role in the educational process and are welcome at Cortland Elementary School. Our parents, teachers, and community members place a high value on and are involved in education. Adults in the school and community are committed to a safe and caring learning environment. Our teachers are knowledgeable of current educational research and practices, are well prepared for class each day, and model continuous learning. Cortland teachers utilize variations in content, process, and product to differentiate instruction. The stakeholders at Cortland Elementary strive to communicate openly, take an active role in the educational process, and are positive role models.
  • At Cortland Elementary School students are excited to come to school and learn. They have positive self-concepts, which helps foster success. Our students have good work habits and work to succeed as they cheerfully accept challenges and learn to persevere through those challenges. Cortland students demonstrate mastery of content and desire to be continuous learners. Students at Cortland Elementary School work cooperatively and are willing to help their neighbors. They accept responsibility for their learning, for their property, and for their behavior. We are proud to declare that students at Cortland Elementary School demonstrate good citizenship and a sense of community.
  • It is our vision at Cortland Elementary School that one hundred percent of our students pass the english/language arts and math components of ISTEP. With science competency now being tested on ISTEP we also envision that one hundred percent of our students pass that component as well. Lastly as our students continue to grow both chronologically and academically, our vision is that one hundred percent of them pass the GQE exam in high school.

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